The Football Psychology Show

Recovering from long term injuries (with Dr Misia Gervis)

May 13, 2020

In this episode of The Football Psychology Show (formerly known as the Beat The Press podcast), we speak to Dr Misia Gervis, leading sports psychologist and academic.

Join us for a fascinating discussion about her time working for the England women's team and the role she has played in supporting academies at Wycombe Wanderers and QPR. We look at how clubs are supporting their players during the coronavirus outbreak and explore how isolation, and a subsequent loss of identity, can lead to players suffering from conditions such as anxiety and depression. We also discuss the impact of returning from injury without the requisite psychological support and examine how football may need to challenge long-standing issues such as confidentiality and existing perceptions of psychology.

Running order:

Part 1: Introduction - the right-back union and reminiscing about Euro 96 (00:14)
Part 2: Interview - a discussion with Dr Misia Gervis (06:57)
Part 3: Reaction - the psychological support at the heart of Athletic Bilbao's flourishing academy (52:26)
Part 4: Carlos Carvalhal's analogies - from transfer targets and lobsters, to substitutions and barbecues (60:27)

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